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The following are tips for photo submissions for your personal Graphite Portraits. Please remember that the better quality the photo that you submit, then the better quality portrait that I can produce. Please follow these guidelines.

  1. REAL PHOTOS - Please submit the largest version you have. Professional photos are best, but good quality amateur photos can still be used.
  2. DIGITAL PHOTOS - JPG files are the easiest to work with, but if you have the original unaltered version, then send it along. If you are scanning a photo, then use 300 dpi with a minimum image size of 1280x1024.
  3. HEAD SIZE - Please try to provide a head size of at least 2.5” measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. The larger the better.
  4. POSE - Overly posed shots with huge smiles can look unnatural. However, if this captures the look, then don’t be afraid to use the pose. You might consider a more natural shot that captures something more unusual and/or personal. Ultimately it is important to use a pose that captures a unique aspect of the person and makes you feel good when you see it.
  5. FLASH - Be careful selecting straight on flash shots, as the flash washes out many of the detail lines needed for the Graphite Portrait. Side lighting is the best. Avoid dark shadows that conceal important details.
  6. SHADOWS - Did I mention shadows?... Be careful.
  7. CHILDREN & PETS - Please try to provide a photo taken from their level, instead of from an adult’s level looking down on them.
  8. OTHER VIEWS - You may want to provide other photos of the individual from different angles that may reveal other details.
  9. BACKGROUNDS - If there is a special background, or item in the background, that is important, then please send along more detailed views of the item.
  10. SUBJECT BIO - You may want to include a brief bio that would help capture the personality and mannerisms of the person being captured.
  11. EXTRA SUBJECTS - There is an added $10 per person for each Graphite Portrait.
  12. GROUP PORTRAITS - If you have a collection of individuals that you would like drawn together, then we can work out the custom Group Portrait fee appropriate to the size and scale of the project.
  13. STILL UNSURE OF POSE???... If you are still unsure, then send along several different shots and I can offer my opinion.
Please email your photos to Haily@HailysComet.com. If the file sizes are large, then send them in separate emails.
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